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Nov 18, 2012 11:30am EST
and he couldn't wait to get out. he felt claustrophobic in the house and lincoln was claustrophobic in that house. he said he needed another year, i have to learn about this man. i would get messages, i need to read about henry clay and gone back in time. an extraordinary character. >> once he became lincoln in a filming of this, there was no more daniel day-lewis. >> absolutely. when i went to richmond to the set, they would have pictures of sally field and mary there and thaddeus stevens and tommy lee jones and at the top it said lincoln. the guy who played stanton said he was so nervous about meeting dain yell day and told you have to call him mr. lincoln. stanton had hurt lincoln in reality in the 1850s. i apologize, mr. lincoln for having hurt you in the 1850s and daniel day, says, it's all right, i've for given you. >> when they heard him coming down the hall, here comes the president. >> i think of you as a movie star and you have a movie star brought a clip from the film. get this clip up in terms of what we're seeing and brief look inside the movie. >> the main things that
Nov 1, 2012 1:00pm PDT
a thick layer of ice. >> i feel claustrophobic. how do you find your way back out? >> find out where divers dared to go. >>> a guy loads himself in a u-haul and hits the road. but -- >> what exactly is going on here? >> we guarantee you will not see this one coming. >> oh, no! >>> plus, the thursday buzz word to win an ipad 3 and a lucky viewer who just found out she got one. >>> when you go out sky diving with your buddies, you expect everything to go perfectly right. if it doesn't, it's your life, literally, on the line. a couple guys got their go-pro cameras ready to go. off they go. they're doing a couple of formations in the air. they're holding on to each other. they do a couple different moves, spread apart, hold each other's hand. they look like they know what they're doing. >> should i be scared? >> of course. they do their moves. they split apart. this chute deploys but immediately wraps itself up. it gets worse. his buddy flies right into his canopy. the guy immediately jettisons his first parachute. there his buddy. they both seem to land safely. that looks like a bad day
Nov 23, 2012 9:00am PST
't this weird? it makes me feel both dizzy and claustrophobic. like, i feel queasy. >> and this is our kitchen. you might notice all sorts of foods here. it's like opening the refrigerator. you've got all the different stuff that you want to the have. drinks, meats, eggs. >> this is making me so sick? >> how is this making you sick? >> i don't know but i'm so dizzy right. >> now i can hardly watch it. >> i guess you'll never make an astronaut. >> i think the most interesting part -- going to the bathroom. >> number two, right here. i'll show you. you see, it's pretty small, so you have to have pretty good aim, and this guy right here is for number one. >> both of those receptacles have a little suction to kind of keep things going in the right direction. >> oh, boy. >> you don't want to be that guy who didn't pay attention during this lesson. >> this is really cool seeing her give us the tour, because she was the first female commander of a space station. >> you can't help but want to look outside as muff as you can. >> the entire video is 25 minutes long. i found every bit of it fascinating.
Nov 25, 2012 8:30am PST
. he feels claustrophobic, can't wait to get out of there. he wants to know how did linkon walk. we talked about the fact that people knew he walked like a laborer. you see that walk in the as lincoln walking. what was his voice like? and we knew he hay high-pitched voice. what did he do in his time and we constantly told stories. so the warmth and humor of lincoln, even in that time when we walked around the law offices and the library, they showed him all the forward documentes, he was absorbing lincoln. >> schieffer: so this was two years before-- >> this was two years. and he said he wouldn't start filming until one year later, and now the movie is out. no, it's actually one year. it was one year. you feel like you're watching him. >> schieffer: bob final thoughts. >> i'm interested in what obama's second inaugural is going to be like. this is the big moment for clarity. i remember when i was in the navy, not in the first world war, or-- ( laughter ) but the vietnam era. there was an executive officer on the ship who had a plaque glued to his desk that said the following, "he wh
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Nov 25, 2012 12:00am PST
-c now it's a 34-long. >> everyone calm down, this is jane fonda, we'll do claustrophobic aroebe -- oerobics... >> and anybody, got any phone on the elevator. >> it is right over there, give me the candy bar, you little rug rat -- >> nobody lay a finger on my butterfinger. >> margin, teach your child managers. >> bart that is not very nice! don't you think you should share with everyone in the elevator. >> look over there, hillary rodham clinton, look, how did we get ourselves stuck in this pickle, i ask you. >> it is a vast right wing conspiracy, joan. >> somebody yell for help! help! >> me? little old me? >> use that trap of yours for something useful and yell for help like that. thank you, girl. >> all right, old lady, i will! heeelp... >> the greatest woman in the whole entire word, barbra streisand, hello, it is babs... >> this is dr. ruth westheimer. what is your problem. >> you have to get us out of the elevator. >> i'm sorry, i cannot. >> how come? because, i'm standing right next to you! >> i didn't see you down there, you little munch kin. >> munch kins... >> i'm the go
Nov 20, 2012 10:00pm PST
. bad enough we left my toys at the frickin' other house. >> kaylie! i'm getting claustrophobic, can't do this. it's 11:15! trash-- you going to take it to the dumpster? go, jesus. >> she is one crazy mom. she's tiring. but she really needs work on the yelling. i don't care if she hears this. she needs to work on her yelling. >> when we were moving, she says she's going to do it happily. freakin'... grr. i want to scream. i'm gonna explode. hey, tanner, let's go look at our new house. come on, let's go upstairs. there's mom's room. how can you do this, up on these stairs? come on, tanner! (chuckles) and here's my room. what are you doing? i'm going to have to put a rug over that. come on, tanner. at my new home, i kind of like it and i kind of don't. i mostly sleep on the floor. i hope it will be more comfortable on the bed. winter... there's really nothing to do, just fold my clothes, mess them all up, fold them, mess them all up, fold them... or clean. but there's not much to clean but the kitchen, so... some kids have large houses. they can have whatever they want. but i think my
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Nov 25, 2012 5:00pm PST
this is john fonda and we're going to do some claustrophobic aerobics and i want you to stretch and burn and. the pain and get back to our original weight. 7 pounds, 6 ounces. >> all of this exercise is making me hungry, anybody got food in the elevator. >> i see food it's right over there, it's in bart simpson as pockets. hey, nobody lay a finger on my butter finger. >> marge simpsons get here and teach your child manners. bart, that's not nice, don't you think you should share with everyone in the elevator. >> don't i think i thud-- >> hillary rodham clinton and how did we get ourselves stuck in this pickle. i ask you. >> it's a vast right wing conspiracy, joan. >> somebody got to yell for help, carol burnett. >> me, little ole me? >> and in trap-- ahhh! help! >> and it's me, the greatest singer in the entirely world, barbra streisand. and this is babs, who is this. >> this is dr. ruth wise hewest heimer. >> you've got to get us out of the the elevators. >> i cannot. >> why not? >> because you idiot i'm standing next to you. >> i didn't see you down there, you little munch kin. >> and the
Nov 24, 2012 4:00am PST
the rooms where abraham walked and he felt claustrophobic in abraham and mary's house. which is exactly how lincoln felt. it was the beginning of that long process by which he became abraham lincoln a year later. >> this period that's covered in the film, does the movie stay true to history? >> oh, without a question. alex, they've done as much as they can to authenticate even the minor characters. now, of course, there are moments when -- are lost to history like some conversations might be. and that's where steven spielberg would say imagination comes in. but it is as rooted in history, even when i went down to the richmond set and they took me into a room where they had recreated the white house, i was just blown away. the wallpaper was as we knew it was at the time. they had a picture of it. they had the carpet remade to look like the carpet. the books that were on the desk were the books that lincoln was reading at the time. the battle masts were there. i just felt like i'd walked and been catapulted back to 1964 and 1846. that ends a whole degree of rootedness to the movie besides bei
Nov 29, 2012 3:00pm PST
anything terribly unpleasant-- a little claustrophobic perhaps. so the upshot is there's a number of examinations with the new technology... has increased enormously... despite the fact that the procedure is much less expensive than the one that we've managed to eliminate. in the 1950s, health expenditures comprised 5% or less of gross domestic expenditures in the united states. today, the cost of health care carves out a much larger percentage. technological advances are a factor in this increase. gerard anderson: we spend a lot more on technology than other countries. when you go to the hospital, on a per-day basis, we will spend about $1,200 a day. most othe other countries will spend about $300 or $400 a day. so, three to four times as much, and that's because we have a lot more technology available to us in the hospital. and that's just fine, except the question is, how much of that is absolutely necessary? how much of it results in a better outcome? alex capron: if general motors is thinking of adding a new technology, putting a robot on an assembly line where they used to h
Nov 14, 2012 5:00pm PST
room and i was as as claustrophobic as i could be. i did not care who won i pointed out of that room! law but it was exciting. with the lead in but it is a bit much. for me, the most special of all is the fact that we did reenergize in area not just the people as a ballpark but that we recognize on the street. more talk. more stuff and the newspaper. more getting to the playoffs and now, with talking about a full house there was not a ballpark that we played in this year that was allowed and our ballpark. >> he is talking about the baseball network had his show. melvin in a little room waiting for 50 minutes. like the trio of analysts say that this could happen, this could happen, and it went back and forth finally, the news was good for melvin the. >> the news is looking good on alex's meant this was back on the field today. he is wearing the " to not touch me " jersey and participated in non-contact position. he has passed all concussion tests over the last two days in word is that he is on track to start monday against chicago. >> it is up to the doctors but we are just doing what
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)